Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Modular Train Platform built in local woodshop

How do you assemble a train in one place and then move it to another without having to relay track and wiring? Anwer: With lots of careful planning. Fortunately for the Highlandtown Train Garden Committee, Ted, Terry, Bernie & David had plenty of experience constructing large train layouts. They presented their idea for a modular train platform to Mark Supik, a local woodworker. Mark approached National Lumber who generously donated the plywood needed for the platform. Built in 4 sections with removable legs, the platform was built at Mark Supik & Co. on Haven Street and then transported to the old Library on Eastern Ave where it was reassembled. The track, lighting, buildings and platforms were all assemble with care taken to make sure each module remained detachable. On November 21st, the platform will be separated into 4 modules, transported down the street to the firehouse on Conkling Street and reassembled. After the New Year, the team can break down the train for storage. Pretty clever!

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