Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sponsors Recognized

Your Name Here!

This year's train garden has been made possible through the generous support of many local businesses. When you visit the train garden, you'll see their names proudly displayed on storefronts and billboards. The list of sponsors continues to grow. See the complete list on our sidebar with links to their websites.

CSX started it all with a generous grant.
The Southeast Community Development Corporation is coordinating all the volunteer efforts.
The Baltimore Guide signed on early as our media sponsor.
MTH Electric Trains gave us 4 engines and trains including a special Christmas train.
National Lumber donated the plywood to build the platform.
The platform was built by Mark Supik & Co.
Banner Neighborhoods awarded a grant to help with opening ceremony
The Friends of the Southeast Anchor Library will sponsor a special viewing of The Polar Express
Come to the opening ceremony on Dec 5th to see what Hoehn's Bakery is doing to help.
A gift of a shopping spree at DJ Liquidators will transform the firehouse into a holiday wonderland.
Baron Stage Curtain and Equipment Company is making the skirt for the train platform.
And of course, the Baltimore City Fire Department is providing a welcome home for the trains and visitors.

Know a business who would like to help? Contact Chris Ryer at the SECDC. 410-342-3233 x 33

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