Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another Successful Year Of The Highlandtown Train Garden

The 2013-2014 Highlandtown Train Garden was another success. A total of 3,671 visitors toured the Train Garden. This includes 803 students from the nearby schools who were very excited viewing it. The Train Garden committee wishes to thank all the sponsors this year and the volunteers who worked hard to make the 5th year of the Train Garden a successful event. Sixteen volunteers volunteered 1303 hours of their time doing various activities. A special thank you to the "engineers" and their assistants - Bernie Deasel, Terry Maillar, Ted Baccala, David Eaton and George Lambillotte who worked hard to make the Train Garden an outstanding event. The committee also wishes to thank the Southeast Development Corporation especially Chris Ryer and Amanda Smit-Peters, Nancy Supik, and the Baltimore City Fire Department. In a few more months planning will begin for the 6th year of the Highlandtown Train Garden.

The Highlandtown Train Garden Is Resting At Its Storage Area

The Highlandtown Train Garden is resting at its storage area located in a building at Our Lady of Pompei Church. It will come back to life in about 9 months for the 6th year of the Train Garden. Hope you will visit us in November.

The Highlandtown Train Garden Is Moving To Its Storage Area

Today, January 12, 2014 the Highlandtown Train Garden was being moved to its storage area. Each platform of the Train Garden is loaded onto a truck for its short trip.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

And The Winners Are.........

Today, January 5, 2014 the winners of the raffles at the Highlandtown Train Garden picked up their prizes. Stacey Dixon and her son Joshua won the Train Set and Shannon Keiser and her daughter Olivia won the Train-themed Basket that was donated by Hoehn's Bakery. All were excited to take home their prizes. Stacey is from the East Side and Shannon is from Highlandtown.